A collection of Australian CA studies

Johanna Rendle-Short & Maurice Nevile (eds) (2007) Language as action: Australian studies in conversation analysis, Special Thematic Issue of the Australian Review of Applied Linguistics, 30(3). Melbourne: Monash University ePress, and Applied Linguistics Association of Australia.

The volume is available via http://publications.epress.monash.edu/toc/aral/2007/30/3

This volume presents a sample of current CA work in Australia, around the theme of ‘language as action’. The contributors are all active researchers in Australia, and the papers use Australian data across a range of settings.


Johanna Rendle-Short is senior lecturer in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics at the Australian National University. Her main research interest is conversation analysis, talk-in-interaction and embodied discourse. She is the author of The Academic Presentation: Situated Talk in Action, in the Directions in Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis series (Ashgate, 2006). More recently she has been analysing the use of address terms in the Australian political news interview, as well as the interaction of children with communication disorders.

Johanna.Rendle-Short [at] anu.edu.au

Maurice Nevile is a research fellow in the Division of Communication and Education at the University of Canberra. His recent research interests include interaction in the airline cockpit, communication as a factor in aviation accidents, the in-venue behaviours of problem gamblers, and talk radio. He is author of Beyond the Black Box: Talk-in-Interaction in the Airline Cockpit (Ashgate, 2004), in the series Directions in Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis, and is co-author of Making the Most of Your Arts Degree (Longman, 1994).

Maurice.Nevile [at] canberra.edu.au

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