Doing Conversation Analysis: a Practical Guide

Second Edition 2007


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Paperback: ISBN: 9781412921756 List Price: £21.99 or $44.95
Hardcover: ISBN: 9781412921749 List Price: £65.00 or  $115.00
Publisher: Sage Publications Ltd
Pages: 264

"The Second Edition of Paul ten Have's now classic text Doing Conversation Analysis has been substantially revised by the author to bring the book up-to-date with the many changes that have occurred in Conversation Analysis over recent years.

The book has a dual purpose: to introduce the reader to Conversation Analysis (CA) as a specific research approach in the human sciences, and to provide students and novice researchers with methodological and practical suggestions for actually doing CA research.

The first part of the book sets out the core theoretical concepts that underpin CA and relates these to other approaches to qualitative analysis. The second and third parts detail the specifics of CA in its production of data, recordings and transcripts, and its analytic strategies. The final part discusses ways in which CA can be 'applied' in the study of specific institutional settings and for practical or critical purposes."

Note: the publisher's websites provide three sample chapters for download

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