In Memoriam Carolyn Baker


It is with great sadness that I write to inform you that our colleague and friend Carolyn Baker, from The University of Queensland, passed away on July 12. Earlier this year, Carolyn had been diagnosed with cancer. Carolyn delighted in her intellectual work until the end.

Carolyn made a great contribution to the field of ethnomethodology and conversation analysis in so many ways over a long period of time. She published extensively over the years in this field.

Carolyn will also be remembered for her excellent supervision and teaching. In 2001, Carolyn won the The University of Queensland  Award for Excellence in Research Higher Degree Supervision. Her students graduated with a sense of confidence as researchers, a strong record of excellent achievement, collegial values, and a deep sense of scholarship.

There will be a Memorial Service held Friday 18 July at Emmanuel College Chapel, Brisbane, Australia.

Dr Susan Danby, Dated Wednesday 16 July 2003

Photograph Patricia Haegeman, at the 2001 IIEMCA Conference in Manchester

Some of Carolyn's publications:

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