Sally Jacoby, April 6, 1949 - July 27, 2007

In memoriam by Mardi Kidwell and Esther Gonzalez

It is with great sadness that we report that our friend and colleague, Sally Jacoby, passed away on July 27. Sally had been battling lung cancer since October. For those of you that knew Sally, or had the good fortune to meet her, you will remember her as a vivid, smart, candid, and very funny individual. She brightened meetings and data sessions with her charm and fabulous style, and most certainly, her love of red. During the past year, she faced her predicament with the utmost of poise, delighting in the contacts and well wishes of friends and colleagues from all over. Sally was someone who loved an ''ooccasion'', a reason for getting together and seeing friends, and she managed the situation as just that.

We miss her dearly.

Biographical Note

Sally Jacoby was Associate Professor of Communication at the University of New Hampshire. Her scholarship focused on the detailed management of talk-in-interaction as this related to formal evaluation criteria for testing communication competence, and for advanced levels of professional apprenticeship, particularly with physics researchers. While living in Israel from 1971-1988, Sally pursued two other careers. Her first career was in theatre and dance. She appeared as an actress on stage, on film, and in voice overs. Her second career was as a teacher of English as a second language at both grade school and university levels, and she served as Hebrew-to- English translator for museum exhibits and research writings. After moving to New Hampshire, Sally continued to participate in theatre and dance, appearing in the Portsmouth Music Hall's production of "The Mikado," participating avidly in Flamenco dancing, and volunteering for the Music Hall, the Maine Public Broadcasting Citizens Advisory Board, and the Garrison Players. Sally is survived by her parents, a sister, a niece and a nephew, an aunt and an uncle, and many cousins.

Her funeral service was held at Temple Israel in Portsmouth and she was interned at Temple Israel Cemetery in Portsmouth. Memorial contributions may be made to the Seacoast Cancer Center at Wentworth-Douglass Hospital in Dover or to the Temple Israel in Portsmouth.

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