Research Committee "Language and society", RC25 of the ISA

The Research Committee "Language and society" (RC25; formerly "Sociolinguistics"), of the International Sociological Association, has launched a renewed website dedicated to research projects, publications and conferences in the fields ol linguistics, critical discourse analysis, pragmatics and conversation analysis. The address is:

RC25 is a worldwide, multilingual and multidisciplinary community, whose members work together to explore the areas of common interest within the broadest definition of sociolinguistics. We are fully aware of the theoretical and methodological issues which separate the various disciplines within which we work, but we find richness in the diversity of perspectives.

Our objectives are:

One way we will be working towards our objectives is through our website. There you will find information there on how to join our Research Committee, the services we offer to members, and a portion of our first electronic newsletter (you can gain access to the entire newsletter if you join RC25).

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