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Elizabeth Stokoe:

Conversations, Categories, and Applications: Methods for Analysing Interaction,

March 23rd, 2011


By going to this link, you can watch and listen to a recording of a talk given to the Language and Social Interaction Working group (LANSI) at Columbia:

This talk will explore some key issues and questions for ethnomethodologically-inspired interaction analysts, including 1) what sorts of interactional phenomenon can we investigate systematically, 2) what issues are raised by focusing on sequential and/or categorical or 'topic-based' concerns, and 3) how can we apply findings from close empirical analyses of interaction in a world where 'impact' and 'usefulness' matters? Drawing on data collected for a range of different projects, including television programmes, speed-dating, police interrogation, neighbour mediation, and domestic conversations, I will attempt to navigate a path through these issues and questions ... and answer them.

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