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EMCA-relevant Video's

The website of the Australasian Institute for Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis AIEMCA, has a range of video's online There are  videos from Charles Antaki and Joyce Lamerichs talking on the theme of applied linguistics. There is also a link to the documentary of  Max Atkinson's (and briefly, John Heritage) application of CA in public speeches. Some of the archival material has also been re-hosted with the purdue symposium now available in Archival material. For more videos and to catch up on the good introductions to EM by Jack Bilmes and Mike Emmison have a look at the youtube channel at

A new video interview of Wes Sharrock on the Manchester sociology blog:

And a video of Ken Liberman's lecture on 'Making coffee descriptors objective' (Sønderborg, December 2013).

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