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Meaning in motion: Interaction in cars

Special issue for Semiotica, 191: 101-333 (August 2012)

Pentti Haddington, Tiina Keisanen, and Maurice Nevile editors, 'Meaning in motion: Interaction in cars', special issue for Semiotica, 191: 101-333 (August 2012)


Haddington, Pentti, Maurice Nevile, Tiina Keisanen (2012) 'Meaning in motion: Sharing the car, sharing the drive', Semiotica 191:101-116

Laurier, Eric, Barry Brown, Hayden Lorimer (2012) 'What it means to change lanes: Actions, emotions and wayfinding in the family car', Semiotica 191:117-135

Haddington, Pentti (2012) 'Movement in action: Initiating social navigation in cars', Semiotica 191:137-167

Nevile, Maurice (2012) 'Interaction as distraction in driving: A body of evidence', Semiotica 191:169-196

Keisanen, Tiina (2012) '"Uh-oh, we were going there": Environmentally occasioned noticings of trouble in in-car interaction', Semiotica 191:197-222

Mondada, Lorenza (2012) 'Talking and driving: Multiactivity in the car', Semiotica 191:223-256

Goodwin, Marjorie Harness, Charles Goodwin (2012) 'Car talk: Integrating texts, bodies, and changing landscapes', Semiotica 191:257-286

Keating, Elizabeth, Gene Mirus (2012) 'The eyes have it: Technologies of automobility in sign language', Semiotica 191:287-308

Noy, Chaim (2012) 'Inhabiting the family-car: Children-passengers and parents-drivers on the school run', Semiotica 191:309-333

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