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A special issue in honor of Gail Jefferson

Wagner, Johannes; Monika Vöge, eds. (2010) Laughter in Interaction. Special Issue in the Honor of Gail Jefferson. Journal of Pragmatics, 42/6: 1469-1576


Monika Vöge, Johannes Wagner, ‘Social Achievements and Sequential Organization of Laughter: Studies in the Honor of Gail Jefferson’, 1469-1473

Johannes Wagner, ‘Gail Jefferson 1938-2008',  1474-1475

Gail Jefferson, ‘Sometimes a frog in your throat is just a frog in your throat: Gutturals  as (sometimes) laughter-implicative’, 1476-1484

Phillip Glenn, ‘Interviewer laughs: Shared laughter and asymmetries in employment  in terviews’, 1485-1498

Markku Haakana, ‘Laughter and smiling: Notes on co-occurrences’,  1499-1512

Elizabeth Holt, ‘The last laugh: Shared laughter and topic termination’, 1513-1525

Vassiliki Markaki, Sara Merlino, Lorenza Mondada, Florence Oloff, Laughter in professional meetings: The organization of an emergent ethnic joke’, 1526-1542

Jonathan Potter, Alexa Hepburn, ‘Putting aspiration into words: “Laugh particles”, managing descriptive trouble and modulating action’, 1543-1555

Monika Vöge, ‘Local identity processes in business meetings displayed through laughter  in complaint sequences’,  1556-1576

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