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Special Issue "Projection and Anticipation in Embodied Communication",

edited by Jürgen Streeck & J. Scott Jordan

Discourse Processes, Volume 46, 2-3, March-June 2009.

This special issue of Discourse Processes brings together work that sheds light on ways in which the very fabrics of action, interaction and communication are imbued with forward-looking anticipatory structures that facilitate on-going, fluid interactions in dynamic social environments. The contributions to the issue examine (a) neurological foundations of innate human “anticipatory interaction planning” (E.Goody); (b) scaffolding and other facilitative, “forward-looking” aspects of human-made interactional units, utterances, and other practice formats; and (c) how these are coupled, i.e. how biological adaptations and cultural adaptations work together in the production of “forward-looking”, intelligible embodied human action, of actions with which others can entrain “on the fly” and moment by moment. The contributors are neuroscientists, cognitive psychologists, interactional linguists, and conversation analysts working in a variety of disciplines.


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