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ASA Meetings workshop report

A CA teaching workshop, 'Teaching Conversation Analysis: Practical Experience and Methods,' has been held at the 2009 American Sociological Association meetings in San Francisco (August 8-11th).

The workshop panellists have shared their practical wisdom, skills, resources and experience relating to teaching conversation analysis to a variety of audiences. Speakers included Virginia Teas Gill, Steve Clayman and Nick Llewellyn.

In association with this workshop, Ruth Parry, Virginia Teas Gill and Paul ten Have are collaborating in an initiative to bring together teaching materials for conversation analysis and ethnomethodology courses, and make them publicly available on the Ethno/CA News website.

Invitation to Submit Materials

We invite members of the community to donate materials: For enquiries and more information on how to submit materials, please contact

Dr Ruth Parry, Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Science and Society, University of Nottingham, UK. Email: ruth.parry'at'

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