Paul ten Have: A selection of my publications in English & German

last additions: 7 June 2013

Have, Paul ten (1989) 'The consultation as a genre'. In: B. Torode, ed. Text and Talk as Social Practice. Dor- drecht/Providence, R.I.: Foris Publications: 115- 35 [also: online]

Have, Paul ten (1990) 'Und der Artz schweigt. Spechstunden-Episoden, in denen Ärtze auf Patienteninformationen sprachlich nicht reagieren' [And the doctor is silent: Con- sultation episodes in which physicians do not react vocally in patient informings]. In: K. Ehlich, A. Koerfer, A. Redder, R. Weingarten, Hrsg. Medizinische und therapeutische Kommunikation. Opladen: Westdeutscher Verlag: 103-121

Have, Paul ten (1990) 'Methodological issues in conversation analysis', Bulletin de Méthodologie Sociologique, Nr. 27 (June): 23-51 [also online]

Have, Paul ten (1991) 'The doctor is silent: observations on episodes without vocal receipt during medical consultations'. In: B. Conein, M. de Fornel, L. Qu‚r‚, Les formes de la conversation, vol 2. Issy- les-Moulineaux: CNET, 1991: 55-76

Have, Paul ten (1991) 'Talk and institution: a reconsideration of the 'asymmetry' of doctor-patient interaction'. In: D. Boden, D.H. Zimmerman, eds. Talk and social structure: studies in ethnomethodology and conver- sation analysis. Cambridge: Polity Press: 138- 63 revised text as PDF

Have, Paul ten (1991) 'User routines for computer assisted conversation analysis'. The Discourse Analysis Research Group Newsletter, 7/3 (Fall): 3-9 text as PDF

Have, Paul ten (1993) 'Fragen von Ärzten. Erste Bemerkungen' [Questions by physicians: first observations]. In: P. Löning, J. Rehbein, (Hg.),  Artz-Patienten-Kommunikation: Analysen zu interdisziplinären Problemen des medizinischen Diskurses. Berlin, New York: Walter de Gruyter: 373-83

Have, Paul ten (1995) 'Disposal negotiations in general practice consultations'. In: A. Firth, ed. The discourse of negotiation: studies of language in the workplace. Oxford: Pergamon: 319-44 text as PDF

Have, Paul ten (1995) 'Formatting the consultation: communication formats and constituted identities'. In: E. Huls, J. Klatter-Folmer, eds. Artikelen van de Tweede Sociolinguïstische Conferentie. Delft: Eburon: 245-68 [revised version online]

Have, Paul ten (1995)  'Medical ethnomethodology: An Overview', Human Studies 18: 245-61

Have, Paul ten (with George Psathas), (1995) 'Introduction'. In: Paul ten Have, George Psathas, eds., Situated order: Studies in the social organization of talk and embodied activities. Washington, D.C.: University Press of America: IX- XVIII

Have, Paul ten; George Psathas, eds., (1995) Situated order: Studies in the social organization of talk and embodied activities. Washing- ton, D.C.: University Press of America

Mazeland, Harrie; Paul tenHave (1996) 'Essential tensions in (semi-)open research interviews'. In: Ilja Maso, Fred Wester, eds. The deliberate dialogue: qualitative perspectives on the interview. Brussels: VUB University Press: 87-113 [also online]

Have, Paul ten (1997) ‘A doctor's body work: an exploratory exercise'. In: A. Marcarino, ed., Analisi della conversatione e prospettive di recerca in etnometodologia. Urbino: Editioni
QuattroVenti: 207-18

Have, Paul ten (1999) Doing conversation analysis: a practical guide. Londen: Sage

Have, Paul ten (1999) ‘Structuring Writing for Reading: Hypertext and the Reading Body’, Human Studies 22: 273-98 [a demonstration version is available online]

Have, Paul ten (2000) 'Computer-Mediated Chat: Ways of Finding Chat Partners', M/C - A Journal of Media and Culture, 4/3  Special issue on 'Chat': .

Have, Paul ten (2001) ‘Lay Diagnosis in Interaction’ Text 21: 251–260

Have, Paul ten (2001) ‘Applied conversation analysis’. In:  Alec McHoul and Mark Rapley, eds. How to Analyse Talk in Institutional Settings: A Casebook of Methods. London: Continuum: 3-11

Have, Paul ten (2002) 'Sequential structures and categorical implications in doctor-patient interaction: ethnomethodology and history', Revised version of a paper read at the conference ‘Structure and Emergence of professionalized “Praxis”’, J. W. Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt, Germany, September 26 – 28, 2001

Have, Paul ten (2002) 'The Notion of Member is the Heart of the Matter: On the Role of Membership Knowledge in Ethnomethodological Inquiry [53 paragraphs]. Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung / Forum: Qualitative Social Research [On-line Journal], 3(3).

Have, Paul ten (2002) ‘Ontology or methodology?Comments on ‘Natural’ and ‘Contrived’ Data: A Sustainable Distinction?, by  Susan Speer’, Discourse Studies 4/4: 527-30

Have, Paul ten (2002) ‘Reflections on transcription’  cahiers de praxématique 39: 21-43 text available as PDF

Have, Paul ten (2003) ‘Teaching students observational methods: visual studies and visual analysis’. In: Mike Ball (ed.) Image Work, a Special Issue of Visual Studies 18/1 ( April 2003): 29-35

Have, Paul ten (2004) Understanding qualitative research and ethnomethodology. London etc. Sage Publications

Have, Paul ten (2005) 'The Notion of Member is the Heart of the Matter: On the Role of Membership Knowledge in Ethnomethodological Inquiry', Historical Social Research / Historische Soziakforschung 30: 28-53 [reprint from: Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung / Forum: Qualitative Social Research [On-line Journal] (2002), 3(3). Available at:

Have, Paul ten (2005) November. 'Conversation Analysis Versus Other Approaches to Discourse. Review Essay: Robin Wooffitt (2005). Conversation Analysis and Discourse Analysis: A Comparative and Critical Introduction' [32 paragraphs]. Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung / Forum: Qualitative Social Research [On-line Journal]. 7(2), Art. 3.

Have, Paul ten (2005) book review: ‘Conversation and Brain Damage, Charles Goodwin, ed.’,  Journal of Linguistic Anthropology 15/: 279-80

Have, Paul ten  (2006) 'On the interactive constitution of medical encounters',  Revue Française de Linguistique Appliquée 11/2: 85-98

Have, Paul ten (2007) Doing conversation analysis: a practical guide. Second Edition. London, etc.: Sage

Have, Paul ten (2007). Review: David Silverman (2006). Interpreting Qualitative Data: Methods for Analysing Talk, Text and Interaction (Third edition) [28 paragraphs]. Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung / Forum: Qualitative Social Research, 9(1), Art. 16,

Have, Paul ten (2009) ‘Conversation analysis: analysing everyday conversational activities’. In: Michael Hviid Jacobsen, ed. Encountering the everyday: an introduction to the sociologies of the unnoticed. Houndmills Basingstoke, Hampshire, U.K. & New York: Palgrave Macmillan: 257-78

Have, Paul ten (2010) ‘Conversational turn-taking’, ‘Conversation analysis’, ‘Ethnomethodology’, ‘Sequence organization’, ‘Transcription’. In: Louise Cummings, ed. The pragmatics encyclopedia. London & New York: Routledge

Have, Paul ten (2011) ‘Book review: Rod Watson, Analysing Practical and Professional Texts: A Naturalistic Approach’,  Discourse Studies 13: 119-120

Have, Paul ten (2011) ‘Book review: Alison Pilnick, Jon Hindmarsh and Virginia Teas Gill (eds), Communication in Healthcare Settings: Participation, Policy and New Technologies.’ Discourse Studies 13: 503-4

Have, Paul ten (2012) ‘Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis’. In: H. Cooper, ed. APA Handbook of Research Methods in Psychology: Vol. 2. Quantitative, Qualitative, Neuropsychological, and Biological. American Psychological Association: 95-109

Have, Paul ten (2012) ‘Conversation analysis and ethnomethodology’. In Carol A. Chapelle, ed. The Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics. Oxford, UK: Wiley-Blackwell

Have, Paul ten (2013) ‘Identifying birds by their song’. In: Peter Tolmie, Mark Rouncefield, eds. Ethnomethodology at Play. Farnham, Surey, U.K.: Ashgate [Series: Directions in Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis]

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